You will do Better

Knowledge is power. And with Routy, you’ll be able to know exactly what your traffic does, from the moment a link is clicked.

Increase revenue with advanced 360° tracking

Routy enables gaming affiliates to improve profitability dramatically using data that actually helps monetize better.

Easy set-up

Our system is already integrated with the leading platforms in iGaming, which makes the account setting really simple.

Monetize much smarter

Knowing exactly how much revenue each page or traffic source drives will help you easily increase revenue by focusing your efforts. We do that by tying the knots from the very first click to revenue.
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Know the value of every visit and page
All the info about users that reached your partners
Increase registration rate by knowing what traffic performs best
Desposits, FTDs
Imporve conversions by tracking back real converting traffic
Work smarter and optimaze efforts for maximum revenue


Why people trust us and why choose Routy?
Tom STAG Media
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Routy is the secret weapon to our success. It provides an instant overview of affiliate performance and helps us identify key areas/opportunities to exploit. Furthermore, it’s technical capabilities have allowed us to build complex acquisition strategies to boost our revenue streams.
Ashley AdirFW Media
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Routy has been instrumental to us as a performance agency focussed on the regulated US market. The ability to have all our reporting in one place and being able to understand how well our campaigns are converting are critical to our daily operation and growth of our business.
- Jeremy
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“The UK gambling market being extremely competitive, Routy is one good way to have an edge when it comes to knowing the players’ value and taking the right actions”
- T.
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"Routy is an affiliate platform that allows you to easily organise all your links and monitor the best performing campaigns and casinos. You will be able to increase your conversions by targeting the best-performing links and gain unparalleled insights through our ground-breaking PPC integration"
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Frequently Asked Questions?

Will it help me monetize?
Yes. You will have access to effective and conclusive traffic-to-revenue data that will surface action items.
How much headache is it?
Very little to none, actually. We just need some credentials and we'll do all the integrations by ourselves
Is my data safe with Routy?
Very safe. We use AES 128 Encryption and are 100% focused on data quality and safety. We'll be happy to elaborate on this.


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