Because every click counts.

Knowledge is power. And with Routy, you’ll be able to know exactly what your traffic does, from the moment a link is clicked.

  • We provide you with centralized account management.
  • Better handling of lost clicks.
  • Analytics, reports & revenue assurance alerts so every click can win.
  • Same traffic more money.

Increased campaign accuracy

Enjoy a single, unified picture of your website’s reality that includes the statistical analysis of your website’s (and other brands’) campaigns, enabling, simple, mainly automatic decision making. This enables more accurate campaign creation, more precise audience targeting and more successful, profitable results.

Innovative features

From auto-rerouting and geo-targeting URLs to know where your clicks are coming from, to centralized URL/Param management, account management, analytics reports generation and more, Routy was designed to increase clicks and conversions and boost your status as an affiliate.

An eye on rising stars

One of the most common mistakes affiliates make is relying on the past to inform future decisions, yet brands live and thrive in a dynamic universe. With Routy, the question is always asked: is the information we have the most relevant and up-to-date? Who are today’s rising stars and how can we reach them, right now?

Flexible pricing

Choose from Sub-Affiliate, Network and Accounting packages, to ensure you pay for the features and services you need for your gambling site. Unlimited use for x accounts or features, for a single, straightforward, monthly fee according to the service package you select.

Invoice faster & cheaper

Enjoy the benefits of an affiliate marketplace to control and manage your gambling site’s invoices better than ever before. The cloud service that drives better deals.

Our support ensures your success

The Routy team is made up of affiliate marketers and BI experts, who will stop at nothing to help you earn more money per click. We get to know each affiliate, foster relationships with every account manager and harness the power of the Routy platform to win you more and better deals that you could possibly imagine.

With over 10 years of combined experience in the affiliate world and extensive work with affiliates of all sizes, The Routy team is positioned to position you for affiliate success.


Our cloud affiliation platform provides significant added value for your gambling site. Manage and examine invoices better, with Routy.

Are you ready for Routy?

Routy was designed to win you more money per click. Thanks to our easy-to-use platform, you can grow and manage your gambling affiliate site like a boss.

Responsive Ready

Access the cloud affiliate platform from your PC, smartphone or tablet, for detailed reports on every user and click, from wherever you may be.

Easy Install

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Revenue assurance alerts

Oversee all invoicing and payment collecting, so you know who needs to pay, why – and where your money is, at all times.

Separation of ‘Traffic’ and ‘Revenue’

for a clearer picture of where your clicks and conversions come from, so you can optimize your campaigns to increase wins.

Great Design

User friendly, so you can target the best-performing links and gain unparalleled insights through our ground-breaking PPC integration, with ease.

Centralized account management

Manage multiple accounts from a single platform, enabling faster, more profitable decision making, when it counts.

Analytics and reports

Everything you want and need to know about your gambling website, from the comfort of a single, unified platform.

Lost Clicks reporting

Know why your clicks were lost, you can modify your campaigns, retarget and win them back.
Every. Click.

Routy’s analytical platform knows, in real-time, when and where to send requests – to brands that know how to convert.

Meet our Team

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Haim Bell


Chaim Ben Lulu has been heavily involved in the sports and gambling industry for over 10 years, during which he developed, planned and built software systems for affiliates. In the last five years, he was instrumental in establishing independent affiliate companies and acquired significant experience in their technological and commercial management.

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