3 Key Components to an Affiliate Marketing Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence and affiliate marketing (particularly in iGaming) is an ugly mix. Monitor your traffic on Google Analytics, manage your links on some internal tool (or a spreadsheet), log into your accounts every week, download data, spend hours mashing it up, and end up with a dataset full of holes, and a lot less time on your plate. And all this, just to understand how much money you’ve made that month, and get an idea of where it came from. Thankfully, the affiliate space is moving forwards, and there are plenty of great tools out there that can crawl your stats for you.

However, having a truly functional business intelligence structure in your affiliate marketing business is not as simple as automatically extracting data from your accounts.


  • Data in your accounts still needs to be enriched with additional information (website, campaign, market, etc.)
  • Data needs to be actionable
  • Visualization is king

There are many different ways of actually setting up your business intelligence, depending on your company, team, and requirements. Below is a list of three of the most common BI needs of an iGaming affiliate business.


Keep tabs on your numbers with a high level dashboard

Whether you’re driving a car or flying a plane, your main dashboard is critical to you. Why? It tells you the maximum possible information, in the easiest way possible. A business is no different. It’s critical for you to know how and where your business is going, to have some high level visual. Being aware that your sites/campaigns are generating the expected level of clicks, conversions and ultimately, revenue is key for you to know that the business is headed in the right direction.

Tip #1: The Routy Dashboard screen does just that for you – keeps tabs on your whole business OR just one of your websites


Drill down into your data, and use your numbers to gain an advantage

A high level dashboard is useful, particularly for business leaders. However, we all know that a business is more complicated than that. In the case of an affiliate, this is no different. Comparing the performance of brands on different campaigns and websites can give you additional insight to help you tailor the brands you promote for each site and campaign. In addition, there are even more insights to get when look at performance of your sites/campaigns across different markets.

Tip #2: The Routy Performance report allows you to dig deeper into your numbers, and slice your data in whichever way you want, looking at performance in terms of market, brands, sites, and more


Be smarter than everyone

Ok, so this is kind of obvious. But it’s also very true – metrics such as player value, deposit value and a cohort analysis can change the game for affiliates. Why?

  • Promote the brands with the highest player value on your channels
  • Ensure you’re promoting the right brand

Imagine you’ve got a revshare deal with a brand, and that brand is generating 10k a month for you. But by digging deeper, you find that 10k is being driven by players you sent to the brand 12 months ago, and the traffic you’re sending them now is barely contributing. Armed with this knowledge you have two options:

  • Do a CPA deal with the brand
  • Promote a different brand – it can only increase your revenues

Tip #3 The Routy Conversion Report helps you find the value of your players – here’s a quick analysis we built for one of our clients, using the Conversion Report*

*Numbers in the image above are randomly generated and do not belong to any of our clients

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