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Is my data safe?
Yes! In order to provide real value, we connect the affiliate stats and user data. When we first thought of Routy, we knew that data security must be one of our main concerns. This is why we use AES 128 which prevents data from leaking and our working contract prevents us from using your data. For us, it is crystal clear that your data is safe, but please let us know if you have any concerns and we’d be happy to address them.
Why do you need my affiliate accounts logins?
Affiliate programs account data, combined with our tracking system, tells us where the money comes from- through which page, keyword, or traffic source. Just tracking or affiliate stats alone are not enough for smart optimization. So we must use account logins and we use {} to encrypt them so that no one can abuse them.
We already have this sufficient data, do I need more?
Do you really know the value of each page or traffic source? If you have developed a system that shows you the value of each click on your website, that's great. If not - we believe you can do better, using the powerful data of Routy.
We have too much data as it is and it doesn’t help, how is this any different?
Routy makes data simpler, by seamlessly connecting your traffic data to your conversion data. You do not require hundreds of trackers and different sheets all over the place. Set up your account and traffic sources on Routy, and we'll take care of the rest.
How does Routy collect statistics?

There are two methods for Routy to collect statistics, but only one of them is accurate.

Method 1 – Stats Crawler, Recommended. Simply set up your credentials for each account, and your stats will be extracted.

Method 2 – Postback, Also known as Server to Server, Pixel, and Webhook. This is used if the affiliate would like near-real time conversion data, or if there is no affiliate program software (e.g. DraftKings).