About Us

We believe in helping businesses monetize more efficiently simply by knowing more.

Creating quality data packaged so that it’s easy to grasp makes monetization more effortless and more efficient than ever before.

At Routy, we have 15 years of experience in the iGaming industry. In this time, we’ve seen the benefits and the underbelly of being an iGaming affiliate. We know that monetization is essential, and we’re passionate about optimizing the process.

Traditional tracking is no longer enough​

Businesses in the iGaming industry grow by understanding the revenue that each page and widget drives. This understanding allows you to channel your efforts more effectively, making the most of those revenues. When using traditional tracking, you require numerous trackers per page and widget to generate this data. This data overload is cumbersome and ineffective and typically fraught with errors.

Routy’s software lets you see where actual revenue is generated quickly – we don’t just track events and clickouts

How does it work?

Routy understands tracking and that not all data is born equal. Routy is unique in combining web traffic tracking and data trawling. We optimize the process by offering all your data, generated across all platforms, in one simple, easily understood, standardized report, regardless of where it’s generated. We offer accurate tracking, data trawling, and near-real-time reporting across all funnel sites. 

Register your account.

Upon signup, we will prompt you to populate our pre-configured forms with all information regarding the platforms you currently post affiliate links. Routy will supply a new link to use on each of these platforms. These links will track all traffic generated to and from your website and its funnel sites.

Routy is suitable for users of any skill level, from beginner to expert.

No coding knowledge is required to use this service effectively.

Track your data.

Once the links supplied by Routy are in place on funnel sites, all web traffic generated through these links is tracked in near-real-time. Routy tracks where traffic is generated, where it goes, and the manner of click conversion. This data is precious in iGaming, since all click conversions aren’t equal in monetary value, returning clients, and commission to affiliate marketers. Routy tracks all of this data but does not record personal information. This is to protect the client’s right to privacy.

Receive your report.

Traditionally, marketers are forced to use multiple tracking platforms, which produce non-standardized reports, and do not track click conversion in detail. Here, users must match a confusing array of terminology and tracking parameters to produce one coherent image of their marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Routy consolidates all your marketing and web traffic tracking platforms into a single account with one detailed, standardized report. This offers you a holistic picture of your marketing plan’s success, indicating which sites and ads generated traffic. It also indicates how this traffic converted into clicks and, subsequently, the monetary value of that conversion.

Here, accurate conversion attribution is effected, enabling optimizing websites, individual pages, and ad campaigns.

How long does the setup take?

Setting up Routy is quick and easy. A single account with one link is set up within 5 minutes, while a package deal containing hundreds of accounts and websites will take a few weeks.

Our in-house experts have pre-configured everything needed to optimize your account, streamlining the onboarding process. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

How can I use Routy?

When signing up, you could opt for our standard packages or opt for a custom plan. We offer customized solutions to solve all your data tracking challenges. Contact us for more information.