The Challenges of Business Intelligence for Affiliates: Routy’s Journey with

Routy is a BI tool enabling affiliates to optimize their business and increase revenue. Routy helps affiliates not only save time from data extraction, but also answer valuable questions like ‘Which brands are working on which pages?’, and ‘Which brand is giving me the highest player value? has been utilizing Routy for the past four months, and is reaping the benefits of this partnership. Mike, the owner of is now able to see how much revenue each brand makes on each of his pages allowing him to optimize all his content and top lists, helping him increase his revenue. As Mike said – “Routy pays for itself pretty easily” (we LOVE this quote)!

 A Challenging Start

However, every story is not without hurdles. Whilst the setup on Routy is fast and straightforward, in my experience, every client experiences a few challenges – the amount of which depends on the client and their needs. Mike was one of the clients who encountered the most challenges to get onboarded.

The two main issues he encountered were:

  • Data on Routy was not matching what he was seeing in the affiliate program
  • Source page of conversion was not captured for most conversions

Mike was rightly feeling frustrated that he was not only unable to see his conversions at a page level, but the data he was seeing on Routy was not even accurate. From our side, it was a sense of bewilderment, as we couldn’t understand how the issues were only impacting Mike, and none of our other clients.


Identifying the issues

So how did we deal with this? Firstly, the ticketing system we launched at the start of the year was immensely important, allowing us to monitor and respond to all of Mike’s issues. Secondly, both Haim and myself deep dived to find the source of Mike’s issues:

  • A WP plugin was stopping the conversions from being attributed to pages
  • Our tracking pixel was delayed on the site as other slower scripts were given priority
  • We identified the issues with our crawling process that were impacting Mike
  • Some screens of Routy were not clear at all – meaning users like Mike were confused as to what they were seeing and how they needed to get set up

Coming up with Solutions

Having identified the source issues, we were then able to come up with solutions:

  • We developed a fix for that specific WP plugin – that they have since fully integrated into their plugin (check out the cool guys at GeoTargeting WP)
  • Not only did we recommend that Mike prioritizes our script to ensure correct tracking, but we also made some changes to the script to ensure it runs even faster (it only takes a fraction of a second to load)
  • Naturally, any required adjustments to our crawlers were made, and the issues were solved
  • Not only did we add short ‘explainers’ above each page, we also introduced setup videos of Routy and made other visual changes to make it easier for the user to browse through Routy and know what they’re looking at.

Through this period of implementing the solutions, it was amazing to see another client of Routy support Mike through the setup and the issues faced. This further cements our belief that our clients LOVE and BELIEVE in our product.

 The Outcome

With the above solutions implemented, Mike’s data finally started to match perfectly, building up the trust between him and Routy. In addition, he was finally able to get a proper understanding of which pages and content was working for his site, and where he needed to optimize.

Here is what Mike has to say about his experience working with Routy:

Routy is the tool I’m most excited about using this year, it seems every day we find a new “nugget of gold” in terms of learning where we are converting best, and perhaps even more importantly, where we aren’t. 

The data that Routy gives me helps guide our content creation process, along with essential insight into how we can better optimize existing content, calls to action, and site layout.  It also helps us prioritize our geotargeting, as we understand which brands perform better not just on our own pages, but in certain geographic regions. 

The team is extremely responsive, excited about improving the Routy product, and extremely motivated to develop a best in class product. 

As mentioned earlier in the article, my particular setup provided some technological challenges we all had to understand and provide solutions too.  The Routy team was helpful in hand holding me through technical processes I wasn’t comfortable with when needed, and were flexible in terms of trying to achieve my goals. 

They are always open to new ideas, were fast to add any programs I requested.

I honestly have come to feel as if I’m in a partnership with Routy, not just a client.  Highly recommend it to any affiliate company.

Mike Murphy

We’re thrilled to see Mike benefiting from our partnership. With the insights and capabilities provided by Routy, he is now able to optimize his website and drive revenue growth. The challenges we faced during Mike’s onboarding process were significant, but they were essential to the development of our product and the success of our business. We are proud to have been able to work through these challenges with Mike, and we look forward to continuing providing value to him and all of our clients.