Routy integrates all pages in your affiliate funnel into a coherent whole, streamlining data tracking and processing to optimize your digital marketing approach and maximize your profits.

How does the integration work?

Integration is the process of combining various software sub-systems into a single, unified system.

Affiliates integrate web traffic sources with destination brands using affiliate trackers. These usually take the form of links posted on funnel sites. Routy adds depth to this integration through an additional data layer. This depth allows us to match traffic source events to affiliate program events. 

This additional data layer offers a clearer picture of the site visitor and customer behavior and enables more accurate conversion tracking. By extension, this translates into more accurate revenue tracking, allowing for greater marketing plan optimization.

Routy’s software unifies postbacks and APIs into a unified system, accurate tracking and reporting on conversions at the nuts-and-bolts level.

All the major operators are here

Routy offers seamless integration with major affiliate programs, and we expand our affiliate stable weekly. This approach contrasts with other affiliate programs like Mr PlayWilliam HillBetsson group, which use a “shelf” affiliate platform. 

Below are some affiliate platforms currently partnered with us:

And many more…

Easy set-up

Our system is already integrated with the leading platforms in iGaming, which makes the account setting really simple.

Why is simple tracking not enough?

It is a game changer to know the revenue that each page or widget drives. That way you can decide where to focus your efforts and how to grow revenue. Traditional tracking will allow this only if you use MANY trackers – one for each page or widget, which is a lot of effort to set up and maintain, and may cause errors.

With Routy you can easily see where the money comes from- actual revenue and not just events or clickouts

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Will it help me monetize?
Yes. You will have access to effective and conclusive traffic-to-revenue data that will surface action items.
Is it complicated to setup?
Not at all actually. We just need some credentials and we'll do all the integrations by ourselves.
Is my data safe with Routy?
Very safe. We use AES 128 Encryption and are 100% focused on data quality and safety. We'll be happy to elaborate on this.