CRO Starts At The Very First Step

There are many ways to monetize data traffic. Understanding where your web traffic comes from and what visitors do on your site is the first step to determining the best ways to monetize that traffic. Here, knowing your visitors is essential. While understanding your web metrics and statistics is essential, you should not neglect the […]

Optimization Mistakes That Many Affiliate Marketers Make

Optimizing your affiliate campaign and associated network is essential in the quest to drive revenue from conversions. To this end, we optimize various aspects of our traffic funnel and website. Unfortunately, there are some common factors that we tend to overlook in the process. In some cases, it is a case of “over-optimization” rather than […]

Analysis Paralysis: When Do You Have Too Much Data?

Everyone tracks data. It forms the basis of well-thought-through, effective marketing and business plans. That said, it’s important to note that data saturation is real and sometimes hard to identify.