How Routy is helping Apps4 Web Media Focus on what Matters

Routy is a powerful business intelligence tool designed to help affiliates, performance marketers, and content writers in the iGaming space make better decisions to drive greater revenues and ROI. Routy’s advanced analytics tools provide insights into traffic sources, customer behavior, and revenue drivers. This allows users to make informed decisions that optimize performance and uncover untapped opportunities. One of Routy’s new clients, Apps4 Web Media, has already benefited from working with the tool to optimize one of their flagship sites, Gamble USA.

Apps4 Web Media is an established iGaming affiliate focused on the ultra competitive US market. Despite business doing great, they recognized that they were struggling to overcome two very common challenges in the space:

 Challenge 1: Reporting on the ‘back foot’
  • Reporting always happened weekly/monthly rather than daily
  • Responding to trends quickly was very difficult


Challenge 2: Too little data to know what to focus on and prioritize
  • With many different sites, pages and partners, trying to improve everything is stressful and not manageable
  • Even just tracking which site is driving conversions and revenues is difficult, let alone what parts of your site

This is where Routy came in – with our crawler and tracking technology, those challenges have become issues of the past.


Solution 1: Routy’s Automated Daily Stats Extraction
  • Numbers are now extracted daily
  • Data is presented in dashboards designed to help them remain on top of their numbers


Solution 2: Routy’s Full Funnel Tracking
  • A4WM now know which pages and content are generating revenues and conversions
  • This means they are able to focus on pages and content that works

What Apps4 Web Media are saying about Routy

“Tracking what pages actually sends customers to operators has been a big pain for affiliates for years. It is possible to use different tracking links on pages and check these but who has time for this when running a business.

We have been looking for a way to better track our top performing pages forever and when a fellow affiliate recommended Routy, the product quickly grabbed my attention. I got in touch with the guys at Routy and we had a video call where they ran me through the product and I was immediately impressed. I signed up the following week and haven’t looked back.

Setting up the account and assigning new Routy links was straightforward and once we had done this, we started to see data right away.

Being able to see which pages are actually driving sign ups and conversions is invaluable. We have a far better idea of what type of content our visitors love and what type of pages work well to send players to operators.

What used to be a very big guessing game has become far easier to understand. The data Routy collects and presents is huge. Not only can we see which pages send players, we can also see country data, device data and much more.

All this data helps us to make better informed decisions now when it comes to content. We can see what really works. It also helps us to fine tune existing content and see what the differences are between our better performing pages and those that don’t generate many players.

The support from Michael and Haim has also been fantastic. Any questions we have are always answered quickly and we are looking forward to working with the team even closer in the future.”

Alex Windsor, Director at Apps4 Web Media

As you can see, in the span of a few months, Routy has already begun to transform A4WM, making them a smarter, and more efficient business. In addition, A4WM have been superb clients, their feedback on how we can improve the product has also been invaluable so far, as we continue to build a better Routy.

If you’re an affiliate, performance marketer, or content writer in the iGaming space, Routy can help you achieve similar success to Apps4 Web Media. Don’t just take our word for it – sign up to Routy today and experience the benefits for yourself, or request a demo.