know your traffic better than anyone else

Knowledge is power. And with Routy, you’ll be able to know exactly what your traffic does, from the moment a link is clicked.

Better Tracking

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”  Wikipedia

The basis of affiliate marketing is tracking. you wouldn’t agree to advertise a brand without knowing your conversion, do you?

Which page has the best conversion rate? whats your best converting traffic? Is it an iPad or an Edge browser? which brand converts better per platform?

Thanks to our easy-to-use platform, you can track ANY affiliate traffic in less than 60 seconds


Routy is an affiliate platform that allows you to easily organise all your links and monitor the best performing campaigns and casinos. You will be able to increase your conversions by targeting the best-performing links and gain unparalleled insights through our ground-breaking PPC integration
The UK gambling market being extremely competitive, Routy is one good way to have an edge when it comes to knowing the players’ value and taking the right actions.

From the Media

Routy is an independent software, developed by ex-affiliate marketers, as well as other innovative experts. The team has been there and done it in terms of this niche before and as such, they know how to get the pay-per-click results that you’re looking for

Stats Collector

There are lots of good stats collectors, some are cloud-based and some are local, but eventually, they all do the same. collect stats.

Routy stats collector is a secured desktop application. It synced with your configured accounts and automatically downloads statistics. 

Routy stats collector match traffic between the tracking software and the collected stats and then generate a detailed clicks report.

for security reasons, your credentials stored locally only

Because every click counts.

Increased campaign accuracy

Enjoy a single, unified picture of your website’s reality that includes the statistical analysis of your website’s (and other brands’) campaigns, enabling, simple, mainly automatic decision making. This enables more accurate campaign creation, more precise audience targeting and more successful, profitable results.

Innovative features

From auto-rerouting and geo-targeting URLs to know where your clicks are coming from, to centralized URL/Param management, account management, analytics reports generation and more, Routy was designed to increase clicks and conversions and boost your status as an affiliate.

Flexible pricing

Ensure you pay for the features and services you need for your affiliate site. Unlimited use for x accounts or features, for a single, straightforward, monthly fee according to the service package you select.

Centralized account management

Access the cloud affiliate platform from your PC, smartphone or tablet, for detailed reports on every user and click, from wherever you may be.

Routy was designed to win you more money per click. Thanks to our easy-to-use platform, you can grow and manage your gambling affiliate site like a boss.

Built in integration


For a Single SEO Site
30 Monthly
  • 1 Traffic Source (websites)
  • 10 Affiliate Accounts
  • 20,000 Sessions
  • 2,000 Clicks per month
  • 200 Post Back
  • Webhooks


PPC Expert
120 Monthly
  • 5 Traffic sources (Websites)
  • 30 Affiliate Accounts
  • 50,000 Sessions
  • 5,000 Clicks
  • 500 Post Back
  • 500 Webhooks


400 Monthly
  • 10 Traffic sources
  • 100 Affiliate Accounts
  • 1,500,000 Session
  • Up to 50,000 Clicks
  • 5,000 Post Back
  • 5,000 Webhooks

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The UK gambling market being extremely competitive, Routy is one good way to have an edge when it comes to knowing the players’ value and taking the right actions.

about our company

Giving you peace of mind.

The Routy team is made up of ex-affiliate marketers and BI experts, who will stop at nothing to help you earn more money per click. We get to know each affiliate, foster relationships with every account manager and harness the power of the Routy platform to win you more and better deals that you could possibly imagine.


With over 10 years of combined experience in the affiliate world and extensive work with affiliates of all sizes, The Routy team is positioned to position you for affiliate success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not!

Routy is SaaS (Software as a Service). We provide you with technology so you can manage your affiliate accounts inside Routy.

Unlike off-the-shelf software such as IncomeAccess, MyAffiliates and other affiliate platforms, Routy is SaaS. The Routy team does most of the configuration so all you need to do is paste your existing affiliate links.

Routy uses internal tracking software to send a unique variable with every click. We then go back to the affiliate platform account and crawl the report data into Routy’s databases. Routy matches the data received from the crawler to the tracking data to generate reports with lots more details.

There are two methods for Routy to collect statistics, but only one of them is accurate.

Methods 1 – Postback

Also known as Server to Server, Pixel, and WebHook. With this method the affiliate needs to provide a pixel URL to his account manager then the affiliate platform performs an HTTP request with the event details.


Methods 2 – Stats Crawler – Recommended

Download Routy’s stats crawler from your account, set up your credentials for each account and that’s it.

Routy stats crawler is a local desktop application, it stores your credentials ONLY on your local machine. It crawls stats from the date you configured and can run continuously.

Unfortunately, and don’t ask me why, not all affiliate platforms support postback.
But for even those who do have postback, they don’t support revenue sharing and hybrid deals. And what about historical data? Postback works only from the day you configured it, so all your historical stats won’t show up in your report.

Unfortunately no, but the stats crawler will keep on crawling stats by day.

Yes, but we don’t do anything with it. We’ll never share your data with 3rd parties without your consent.

There are two risks when using Routy. Similar to other tracking software Routy is an online service. So if our data center goes down there may be a loss of traffic.
How do we protect against such a crisis?
Simple. We use two different data centers, so if one data center goes offline the second will take over.

Trusting software such as Routy is not straightforward. we need to earn your trust and to do that we work hard to be fully transparent.


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